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Support for Clinical Trials

Employ our assistance in coordinating clinical trials, utilizing a mix of skills and resources to drive your project towards success.


Patient Identification & Classification

Explore precision medicine through our skilled patient identification and classification services, customizing interventions based on individual health profiles.


Advancing Drug Discovery

Utilize our services to expedite the path from idea to remedy, nurturing innovation that sparks advancements in drug discovery.


Biodata Bank

Our Biodata Bank is a repository of valuable data, safeguarding essential knowledge that drives research, propelling discoveries toward improved health outcomes.

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Directing Our Attention

Our dedication to embracing genetic diversity is core to advancing precision medicine. By embracing diverse genetic richness, we aim to uncover invaluable insights reshaping healthcare's future.

Generation Of Genomic Data

Due to our geographic location in Miami, FL, much of the sequencing data generated will be from Hispanic patients with origins from Latin America (LATAM). All data from raw data files to tertiary analysis will be stored and assessed for population-specific novel variants as well as immunotherapy biomarker data that may provide useful insights for drug discovery.

Clinical Trials, A Genomic Edge

A key aspect of our mission is to facilitate the recruitment of patients for clinical trials. By combining patient electronic health record (EHR) data and sequencing data, we will be able to identify patients that might be suitable for clinical trials based on variant data. This unique approach will facilitate clinical trial patient recruitment and drug discovery.

Genetic Variance In GWAS

Common variants occur in over 5% of the population; however, these tend to be condition-specific and account for only 5-50% of the disease's heritability. On the other hand, genetic variants that occur in less than 5% of the population may be disproportionally important in the risk of getting a disease and drug effectiveness. Rare variants tend to be population-specific, which is why representation of different ethnic minorities matters.

Unlocking Genetic Insights

In human genomics, Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have long been a cornerstone of research, but data has consisted of predominantly European populations. At our forefront, we aim to bridge this gap, by recognizing genetic diversity present in different ethnic groups, thus improving research that can accelerate drug discovery and development.

Leveraging Expertise

Collaborate with us to harness expertise and innovation for effective drug development solutions.