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Our Genetic Health Tools utilizing NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) unveil your genetic predispositions, paving the way for personalized healthcare interventions.

Pioneering NGS Testing

We Proudly Stand as a Distinguished Independent Facility:

Specializing in a comprehensive range of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing solutions. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering precise and dependable results that cater to your specific needs. We excel across multiple domains, including genetics & genomics, and DNA sequencing. Our proficiency extends to utilizing advanced platforms like Illumina. Operating at the forefront of scientific innovation, PreCheck Health Laboratory continually embraces state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies. These advancements ensure the utmost accuracy in the analysis and interpretation of every sample we handle.

Our Genetic Testing Services Cover a Wide Spectrum of Applications:

Each offering invaluable insights into inherited traits, diseases, and personalized medicare. To achieve this, we employ advanced sequencing technology and harness the power of cutting-edge Al tools. This meticulous approach allows us to scrutinize genetic data with precision, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge about your genetic makeup.Through our steadfast dedication to excellence, PreCheck Health Laboratory has earned its reputation as a trusted partner in the realm of laboratory diagnostics.

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Gene Analysis Assay

Highly seasoned professionals in both the medical field and HGS testing, with years of practice and expertise.


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Our laboratory is dedicated to providing efficient services, ensuring swift and accurate results for all your testing needs.


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Dedicated To Advancing Healthcate

At Precheck, Part Of Our Mission Is To Advocate For Legislative Changes That Enhance Healthcare Access, Improve Health Equity, Boost Quality, And Ensure Affordability. This Includes Our Support For Initiatives Aimed At Providing Genetic Testing To Those Who Can Benefit From It.

We Firmly Endorse Evidence-Based Policies That Empower Both Healthcare Providers And Patients To Make Informed Decisions Based On Genetic Information. Such Policies Have The Potential To Reduce Costs, Broaden Coverage, Enhance Education And Engagement Among Care Teams, Increase Public Awareness, Ensure Top-Notch Healthcare Quality, And Establish The Necessary Infrastructure For Personalized Medicine.

Our Data Unlocks Today's Answers And Tomorrow's Insights

At PreCheck Health Laboratory, We Are Dedicated To The Belief That Our Data Unlocks Today's Answers. In The Field Of Genetics, It's Crucial To Recognize That Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) Have Historically Placed A Heavy Emphasis On European Populations.

However, We Understand That Genetic Variants Occurring In Populations Beyond This Focus May Hold Disproportionate Significance When It Comes To Assessing Disease Risk And Drug Effectiveness. By Diligently Addressing this Imbalance And Filling The Diversity Gap, We Aim To Provide A Comprehensive Understanding Of Genetic Variations Across Diverse Populations.

Through Rigorous Sequencing And Meticulous Data Analysis, We Not Only Unlock Today's Answers To Complex Genetic Questions But Also Play A Pivotal Role In Shaping Tomorrow's Insights. Furthermore, Our Commitment To Tracing Patient Demographics With Sequencing Data Allows Us To Identify Potential Clinical Trial Candidates Based On Variant Detection, Ensuring That Our Discoveries Have Practical And Meaningful Applications In Advancing

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World Class Diagnostics

Presently, Existing Policies Have Not Kept Pace With The Rapid Advancements In Genetics Within The Practice Of Medicine, Resulting In Unwarranted Barriers To Care And Unintended Harm To Patients. As A Company, PreCheck Is Fully Committed To Making A Meaningful Difference In This Regard.